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Web development courses and training delivered by professional web developers

Take a web development course with us and gain the skills you need to build and maintain your own standards compliant web sites and deliver web content across a range of devices. We have courses in HTML & CSS, WordPress and App development.

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Who are your web courses for?

Our web training courses are for everyone involved in creating and maintaining websites, posting blogs and other online content and creating email newsletters and other web-based marketing collateral.


Which web skills courses do you offer?

We offer three different web skills courses:

WordPress and Dreamweaver are two of the most popular website creation software products in the UK. If you want to develop a professional-looking website, you could choose either package and achieve a great result.

If you already have a website built using one of these solutions, our courses are ideal for giving you a good grounding in the software – so you can make changes, add new content and edit existing content with greater confidence.


What will I learn on your HTML and CSS course?

HTML and CSS are the basic ingredients of many, many websites and email layouts. It’s useful whether you are intending to use WordPress or Dreamweaver – as well as many other applications.


What is HTML?

HTML, or Hypertext Mark-up Language, is a standard language for developing websites and, as such, is a highly transferrable skill. It is a great skill to learn if you are using either WordPress or Adobe Dreamweaver to build your website.

However, HTML has a far wider application – you’ll find a basic knowledge of HTML useful if you are involved in editing email templates, when you are embedding content from other websites such as Twitter or Facebook on your own website, or when you are struggling to adapt an existing website page or website template to match your own design and branding.


What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. These describe how HTML elements should be displayed on screen. Effectively, CSS is the language for describing the presentation of web pages – including fonts, colours, layout, adaptation to different screen resolutions, etc.

As you might expect, learning CSS is another good complimentary skill to your knowledge of your website creation software – making our introduction to HTML and CSS course an ideal combination with either our WordPress or Dreamweaver course (depending which of those you intend to develop your website with).

If you are working with a pre-existing WordPress template and trying to adapt it to your own particular design or branding requirements, you will find a basic grounding in CSS, such as that you receive on our HTML and CSS Introductory course, to be an extremely useful skill.


What will I learn on your WordPress course?

WordPress is by far the most popular website development software – it has been used to create more than 75 million websites worldwide. It originally was developed as a blogging platform, but overtime has evolved to be a highly functional content management system (CMS).

A huge library of third-party plugins makes it easy to add feature-rich content and functionality to your site. The enormous library of WordPress website templates – some free, some commercially available – help to reduce development and deployment time and costs. WordPress is free to install and deploy, although some plugins and templates do come with fees, they are usually relatively modest.

This low-cost route to achieving a high-quality website has powered WordPress’s popularity. The huge numbers of WordPress users make a good understanding of the software a highly transferrable and in-demand skill. Our one-day Introduction to WordPress course will enable you to build your own WordPress website – either from scratch or by editing existing templates.


What will I learn on your Dreamweaver course?

Dreamweaver is a great choice if you are seeking a more customisable and professional approach to website development. It is also a great choice if you are already using other software tools within Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite, as Dreamweaver is included within your Adobe Creative Cloud licence.

First-time Dreamweaver users can feel intimidated by the plethora of menus and property panels, but our Dreamweaver course will quickly familiarise you with Dreamweaver’s user interface.

You’ll learn advanced controls over CSS elements and, by the end of this day-long course, you will be able to build and manage professional and beautifully designed websites using Dreamweaver.


Are your courses suitable as a refresher course?

Platform 39 courses are led by intuitive and responsive tutors who are always willing to adapt the course content to the requirements of the learners in the room.

Here at Platform 39, we are big believers in the idea that taking a refresher course in the software package you use the most can have far greater value than adding a new skill you only rarely use.

The speed at which Adobe’s cloud-based delivery model allows it to push out new features and functionality to users makes taking a refresher in Adobe Dreamweaver a useful exercise every few years.

We particularly find that our WordPress course is popular with people who have pre-existing experience with the software. Given WordPress’s freemium pricing model, many users are self-taught; finding solutions and work-arounds as and when they need them. Making the time for professional tuition in WordPress – even when you’ve been using it for years – can open up your eyes to more efficient ways of working and new tips, tricks and functionality you may not be using.

If you’re not sure whether our courses will be right for you, feel free to give us a call to discuss what’s covered. You can reach us on: 020 3397 4567.


Why should I choose Platform 39?

Platform 39 is a small and very welcoming training centre based in London’s Westland Place Studios in Shoreditch, Central East London. Our courses are always led by expert tutors. All our tutors have their own current design practices – so you know you are receiving up-to-the-minute advice from designers with real commercial knowledge. Our tutors are not only active professionally but also deliver essential content in a fun and engaging way – so that your learning sticks with you long after you leave us.


What makes Platform 39 different from other training providers?

Platform 39 courses are all led by professional, experienced tutors who are experts in their fields. The quality of our tutors is what sets Platform 39 courses apart from other training companies. Each of our tutors has their own active design practice – so you can gain the experience, insight and commercial nous that you simply can’t find in any software manual. Our tutors are welcoming, engaging and careful to take things at your pace – creating the right environment for you to feel comfortable and to learn.


What happens after my course?

On completion of the course, you’ll receive your course notes and a certificate of course attendance. We also support you for up to a month after the course – fielding any follow-up queries you may have by phone or email.


Do your courses come with any guarantees?

If you don’t feel that you’ve learnt everything you wanted to, based on our course prospectus, tell us within 48 hours and we will book you onto another course with us at no extra cost to yourself.